What We Are?

CareerSource South Florida in partnership with Miami-Dade College, Argos Applied Intelligence and the Center for Black Innovation invite job seekers interested in a career in Cyber Security to register for the Cyber Warrior Pre-Apprenticeship Program. This 26 week program includes 160 clock hours of CompTIA’s Network+ and Security+ lecture/labs and is designed to prepare students for Information Security Analyst / Cybersecurity Analyst employment opportunities.

At the conclusion of the program, students will have developed a thorough understanding of networks, the threats they face, vulnerabilities, and the hands-on skills to defend them. These knowledge, skills, and competencies will thoroughly prepare students to pass CompTIA’s Network+ and Security+ certification exams.

Why Cyber Security?

Our CEO expressed his desire to see our tech educational efforts reside in the cybersecurity space due to it becoming one of the most in-demand fields in recent years. Companies need skilled cybersecurity specialists to protect their information and assets. CFBI’s cybersecurity program provides participants with leading-edge

knowledge, hands-on skills and industry certifications to meet the increasing workforce demands of South Florida employers and beyond. The program was built following the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education framework and the Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education knowledge units sponsored by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.

The program will combine input from experts in cybersecurity, practitioners, and retired cybersecurity professionals. Participants will also have the opportunity to conduct hands-on training with real cyber-attacks before completing the program. 

What are our Goals?

The Cybersecurity program seeks to work in protecting the privacy, security, and environmental sustainability of various systems. CBFI understands this field is a great entry point for young people looking to make a career change or to gain marketable skills within the vast tech space. We base our efforts off six guiding

principles along with our partner Microsoft in successfully engaging young Black people in making a switch to tech driven careers:

  1. Use data and technology to help people develop new skills. The fastest and most economical way to address the skills shortage is to put technology to work to skill more people faster, starting with digital skills themselves. We’ll use data to identify the skills most in demand and the people who need help the most.
  2. Focus on a broad set of skills. Even while we focus on tech-enabled jobs, we’ll work to support the development of broader skills as well, including the acumen needed to ensure the responsible use of technology and the soft skills needed to find and succeed in a new job.
  3. Ask employers to do more. We believe that employers will need to play a bigger role than in recent years in helping employees develop these new skills. As an employer ourselves, we will make new training commitments to our employees. And we will help empower our customers so they can better meet the needs of their own employees.
  4. Lean on partners. As in so many other important areas, partnerships are fundamental. We will base our work on partnerships with nonprofits and support for governments. And we will focus our support for nonprofits, in particular, on providing added assistance to the people who need this help the most, including communities of color in the United States.
  5. Pull together every part of our company. We believe the global skills challenge is a problem that Microsoft can help address if we pull together every part of our company. That’s why today’s initiative brings together Microsoft, LinkedIn, and GitHub, including Microsoft Philanthropies and LinkedIn’s CSR program.
  6. Use our voice to change policy. As we learn what helps people most, we will share our data and knowledge and advocate for public policy innovations to support reskilling opportunities.

What We Are?

You will gain invaluable educational opportunities that can lead to a growing career and amazing experiences which include, but not limited to:

• High Employment Rate

According to the Cybersecurity Workforce study, there is a global shortage of roughly 4 million cybersecurity professionals. Florida and the nation as a whole are

experiencing a shortage in tech talent in all areas of technology.

• High Salary

The median salary for a Security Analyst in South Florida is $89,754 according to Burning Glass

• Preparation for Certification Exam

The curriculum includes preparation for these certifications: Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Information Security Manager, Certified Incident Handler, Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator

• Valuable Work Skills for Today’s Workplace

The program’s comprehensive curriculum includes coursework in ethical hacking, information security management, network defense, penetration testing, computer forensics, risk management and ethics in cybersecurity. 

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